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    Stelmatson Global Quiz Competition

    Stelmatson Global Consult
    01.08.14 05:54 AM Comment(s)

    The Management of Stelmatson Global Consult is set to flag off its Global Quiz Competition in Jos. 

    The competition which has been designed to address the three key academic areas of Mathematics, Science and General Paper is aimed at achieving among other things the following:

    1. To introduce, create and sustain an atmosphere that will reinvigorate the dying spirit of mathematical and quantitative skills among Primary and Secondary Schools students in Jos;
    2. To enhance learners’ or students’ mathematical skills and put them in a competitive position in their knowledge of, speed and accuracy in solving Math problems comparable to their peers from Europe, America and other continent of the world;
    3. To redirect and attract the minds of young learners and students to the value of science as a subject and area of academic discipline; and
    4. To make learners and students develop conscious knowledge of the happenings around their immediate environment and the world in general.
    The first phase of this competition is to be flagged off in five schools before the end of the year.

    For more information on how to participate send us an email or give a call on any of these mobile lines: 08032854302, 07018324097, 08073816596, 09092343467