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    Stelmatson Global Consult signs Collaborative Agreement with IBA

    Stelmatson Global Consult
    31.07.14 12:36 PM Comment(s)

    Starting from July 2014, Stelmatson Global Consult has become the Regional Representative to the Institute of Business Advisers (IBA) in Jos, Plateau State.

    Under this new arrangement, we offer to the general public within Jos and its environ the benefits of Professional and other category of Membership of the Institution and a number of world-class training programmes which include:

    • The Young Managing Directors Incubation Training
    • Great Staff Making Great Difference in School Profitability through Exceptional Quality Service Delivery
    • Single Subject Training Course
    • Multiple Subject Training Course
    • Quality Service Delivery in Business Organisation
    • Office Etiquette and Professional Behaviour
    • Team Working and Team Problem Solving Skills
    • Business Analysis and Strategy
    • Business and Company Incorporation
    • Achieving Profitability Growth in Private Schools through staff World Class Service Delivery, etc.
    To learn more about these opportunities and the Institute of Business Advisers (IBA), click here or send us an email via

    IBA Membership Form - Download